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Migraines, and the seven conditions they can be confused with

There are seven conditions that migraine sufferers in Pennsylvania are most frequently misdiagnosed with. Migraines, after all, exhibit symptoms that are shared by other conditions. The issue is so widespread that according to one study, only one in 20 patients gets a correct headache or migraine diagnosis. Patients will therefore want to be familiar with these seven other conditions.

Study finds pediatric medication errors are often linked to EHRs

Hospitals in Pennsylvania and around the country rely on electronic health record systems to ensure that patient information is updated regularly. These systems are designed by computer specialists to provide doctors with all of the information they need to make prudent medication and treatment decisions, but the way this data is presented is sometimes so confusing that it leads to errors. Researchers from the National Center for Human Factors in Healthcare studied 9,000 pediatric patient reports gathered at three hospitals between 2012 and 2017. Most of the errors they discovered were connected to EHR functionality.

Study suggests that even minor stress can lead to surgical errors

Surgeons in Pennsylvania and around the country are more likely to make mistakes when they are under stress, according to a recent study from Columbia University. Researchers behind the study say that even minor irritations like an unexpected noise or a negative thought can endanger patients. These study results may be particularly worrisome to medical experts as operating rooms are extremely busy places and filled with machines that make all manner of electronic noises.

Medical errors tied to use of electronic health records

A study published by Health Affairs indicated that electronic health records may be responsible for a large number of medication errors. The findings of the study might be valuable for Arizona residents who have suffered harm due to medical malpractice. Researchers looked at the safety reports for 9000 people who were admitted to one of three health care providers between 2012 and 2017. More than 50 percent of the errors reported were tied to medication and the usability of EHR systems.

Medical errors cost lives and increase healthcare costs

Mistakes happen within any profession, but people entering healthcare settings in Pennsylvania face risks that most industries would consider unacceptable. A survey of people with serious health problems revealed that 25 percent of them had experienced harm from significant medical errors. Healthcare mistakes have been identified as an ongoing and lethal problem within the medical industry. Researchers estimate that medical errors form the third leading cause of death nationwide. One study in 2016 concluded that over 250,000 preventable patient deaths occurred every year.

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