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What motivates parents to sue pediatricians for malpractice?

When your child becomes sick, the last thing that you likely want to have to do is to take them to see the doctor. Sometimes that's unavoidable, though. Physicians make mistakes. Your child could be harmed and lose their life as a result.

There are downsides to electronic medical records

Electronic medical records (EMRs) have a lot of positives. They make it easier to spread patient information faster between staff members. They allow doctors to access records anywhere, on computers, phones, tablets and other devices. When set up to keep records on the cloud, there is almost no risk of losing them. They take up less space and resources than paper records.

Worried that your doctor isn't listening?

One of the most common complaints that people have when they visit the doctor is that their doctor isn't really listening to them. The doctor may seem distracted or busy, just rushing to get them in and out of the office. They're not sure that they're actually getting the level of medical care they deserve.

Second most common cause of malpractice claims is surgery

Surgery is the second most common reason for malpractice claims according to a report from the medical liability insurer Coverys. It analyzed five years' worth of malpractice claims closed between 2014 and 2018 and found that 25% of claims were surgery-related. This, Pennsylvania residents should know, came to a total of 2,579 claims over the time period studied.

Avoiding medication errors with five simple tips

Four out of five adults in Pennsylvania and across the U.S. take some sort of prescription medication, over-the-counter drug or supplement every week. One third of adults even take five or more drugs at the same time. One can easily imagine, then, just how high the risk for a medication error can be. Certain combinations of drugs can cause adverse effects that injure or even kill the patient. With five simple tips, patients can help prevent such an adverse event from taking place.

Patients face risk for harm as ERs become overcrowded

Every year in Pennsylvania and across the U.S., more than 100 million people visit the emergency room, yet the quality of care in ERs can plummet with overcrowding. The Institute of Medicine noted this issue back in 2007, saying that overcrowding opens up the possibility for medical errors and sometimes life-threatening delays in treatment. Patients may be medicated too late, diagnosed too late or put in the hospital for longer than necessary.

The potential consequences of medical errors

Two decades ago, a report claimed that roughly 98,000 people in Pennsylvania and throughout the country die annually because of medical errors. A more recent study has found that the true death toll may be more than twice as high. That recent study also found that about 5% of patients in the United States are put in harm's way unnecessarily. Of those patients, about 12% will acquire a permanent disability or die because of a preventable mistake.

For patients, misdiagnosis can be deadly

People in Pennsylvania who seek out medical care often worry that they won't be taken seriously when they go to the doctor. They are concerned that something seriously wrong may be missed due to a physician's dismissiveness, lack of knowledge or negligence. They may have good reason for concern as some estimates say that up to 80,000 people lose their lives in American hospitals each year as a result of mistaken diagnoses. People who are misdiagnosed do not receive treatment for their conditions, allowing their illness to worsen and progress. Some may receive treatments for other illnesses that they do not have, which can be harmful in some cases.

Heart attack and stroke misdiagnosis in women

Women in Pennsylvania who have a heart attack may experience symptoms that are not thought of as typical like nausea, back pain or vomiting. When this happens, women are more likely to be misdiagnosed and receive delayed care for the myocardial infarction. According to a study by the American Heart Association, nearly 62 percent of women experience symptoms other than chest pain when they are having a heart attack.

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