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How safe are those stairs?

Most of us use the stairs every single day. They become an afterthought. We don't consider them to be dangerous at all. However, with falls contributing to so many serious injuries every year, it's clear that stairs do pose a risk. They're the main fall risk that many people face.

Tips for avoiding dog bites

Dog bites are a serious concern. They can be painful, they can lead to disfigurements, they can get infected and, in the worst cases, they can even prove fatal. As much as dogs are a part of our lives and 99% of them will never bite a human, they are wild animals at heart. If you get attacked, things can become very serious, very fast.

Getting an airport premises liability policy

Airport owners, operators and lessors in Pennsylvania will want to make sure they are covered for premises liability. A lawful entrant who is injured at the airport may file a claim if they have no coverage. As for co-owners of airports, they are responsible for the portion they occupy; how much they occupy can be determined by either a written or verbal agreement.

Business owners may be responsible for on-premise injuries

People who are injured on the properties of others in Pennsylvania might be able to file civil claims for recovery under a theory of premises liability. Slip-and-fall accidents, in which a person slips or trips and is injured, are among the most common premise liability personal injury claims. Business might be liable if people get injured on their premises due to poor lighting conditions, torn carpets, unsafe staircases, wet floors or other hazards.

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