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How To Seek Legal Help After A Motor Vehicle Accident

Every year, hundreds of thousands of people are involved in car crashes in Pennsylvania. A car accident can happen to anyone. No matter how safe you are being on the road, negligent drivers, distracted drivers and poor road conditions can put your safety at risk.

At Ches-Mont Personal Injury Law Center, LLC, we have been advocating on behalf of car accident victims in Montgomery County for over 40 years. We understand the harsh impact a car crash has on your life, and we are here to help.

Protecting Your Rights After An Accident

If you or a loved one was injured in a car accident or an accident involving a motorcycle, truck or bus, you need legal help now. The legal system can be hard to navigate, and dealing with insurance companies requires a strong knowledge of the law and your rights.

Attorney George Gerasimowicz has more than three decades of experience. He knows Pennsylvania accident law, and he builds strong legal claims that protect his clients’ interests — he won’t let insurance companies take advantage of you.

Maximizing Your Compensation

Our goal is to maximize your compensation. We do this in three ways.

We identify all possible defendants.

This requires an in-depth investigation into the scene of the accident. How many drivers were involved? Were the other drivers engaged in distracted or careless behavior? Were road conditions poor? We make sure we identify all of the people and factors that contributed to your accident and then hold them legally responsible.

We carefully examine auto policies.

Your right to compensation depends largely on your — and the other driver’s — auto insurance. Is the other driver uninsured or underinsured? What do the insurance policies say about fault? We make insurance companies pay all of the benefits you are owed.

We prepare for court.

While many cases settle, we are always ready for trial. In fact, our readiness puts us in a stronger position during negotiations, resulting in higher settlement offers for our clients.

Get Started; Call Us For A Free Consultation

Many people are afraid to contact a lawyer after an accident — you shouldn’t be. Our goal is to help you. We will do everything in our power to protect your rights. Consultations are free, and we handle claims on a contingency basis — you won’t pay us until we get compensation for you.

Learn more about your rights after a car accident. Call us today at 610-427-5828 or contact us online to get started. From our office in Pottstown, we represent auto injury victims throughout the tri-county area.