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Man pulls police officer from burning car after accident

A car accident in Uniontown, Pennsylvania, left a police car burning with the officer still inside. Fortunately, bystanders saw the crash and rushed over to the car. One of them pulled the man out of the burning vehicle, quite likely saving his life.

Car accident fatality rates are highest in rural areas

Many of those who live in rural areas assume they are safer when they drive on those seemingly wide-open roads than when they drive in a chaotic, packed city. However, studies of the statistics show that the exact opposite is true. It's far safer to drive in urban areas or major population centers than it is in the country. The fatal accident rates make this all too clear.

Dealing with post-crash anxiety

If you're nervous about the thought of getting behind the wheel again after a car accident, you're not alone. It's not uncommon for people involved in serious crashes -- and even relatively minor ones -- to experience anxiety at the thought of driving again or even getting in a car as a passenger.

Are your brakes on the verge of failing?

We often take our cars for granted right until the moment that they break down. This is dangerous to do with something as critical as the brakes, though, since a failure could cause an accident. You really need to identify the issue in advance and get it corrected as soon as possible. Do you know what red flags to look out for?

How can teens become better defensive drivers?

It is very important to focus on safety with teen drivers. They are young and inexperienced, which makes them a high-risk age group. There's no way to cure that inexperience but by allowing them to get on the road more often, but they can use defensive driving tactics to stay safe while they learn.

6 consequences of breaking the speed limit

People often think that the only real consequence to breaking the speed limit is that, if caught by a police officer, they'll have to pay a fine. That's not true. There are actually numerous consequences. Speed limits exist for a reason, and it's very important to think about what you're really risking when you break them.

Crying children are a distraction in the car

Distracted driving conversations often focus on things like talking to friends, texting and driving, browsing social media, taking pictures while driving and listening to the radio. These are all major areas of distraction, especially as more and more drivers have smartphones with access to thousands of functions.

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