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Man pulls police officer from burning car after accident

A car accident in Uniontown, Pennsylvania, left a police car burning with the officer still inside. Fortunately, bystanders saw the crash and rushed over to the car. One of them pulled the man out of the burning vehicle, quite likely saving his life.

How safe are those stairs?

Most of us use the stairs every single day. They become an afterthought. We don't consider them to be dangerous at all. However, with falls contributing to so many serious injuries every year, it's clear that stairs do pose a risk. They're the main fall risk that many people face.

Dangerous driving behaviors can have cataclysmic repercussions

As you head out on Pennsylvania roads to tackle your list of objectives each day, you may give little thought to how the decisions other drivers you might affect you. You can only control so much of what happens on the open road, where at least a portion of your safety lies in the hands of those around you.

Car accident fatality rates are highest in rural areas

Many of those who live in rural areas assume they are safer when they drive on those seemingly wide-open roads than when they drive in a chaotic, packed city. However, studies of the statistics show that the exact opposite is true. It's far safer to drive in urban areas or major population centers than it is in the country. The fatal accident rates make this all too clear.

Dealing with post-crash anxiety

If you're nervous about the thought of getting behind the wheel again after a car accident, you're not alone. It's not uncommon for people involved in serious crashes -- and even relatively minor ones -- to experience anxiety at the thought of driving again or even getting in a car as a passenger.

What motivates parents to sue pediatricians for malpractice?

When your child becomes sick, the last thing that you likely want to have to do is to take them to see the doctor. Sometimes that's unavoidable, though. Physicians make mistakes. Your child could be harmed and lose their life as a result.

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