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Tips for avoiding dog bites

On Behalf of | May 15, 2020 | Premises Liability |

Dog bites are a serious concern. They can be painful, they can lead to disfigurements, they can get infected and, in the worst cases, they can even prove fatal. As much as dogs are a part of our lives and 99% of them will never bite a human, they are wild animals at heart. If you get attacked, things can become very serious, very fast.

How do you avoid a bite? Here are some helpful tips:

  • If two dogs are fighting with each other, do not get in the middle of it and try to break it up.
  • Do not run away if a dog charges at you, but face the dog and speak calmly.
  • Never get too close to a dog with which you are not already familiar.
  • Never startle a dog while it is eating or sleeping.
  • Be especially wary when children are near dogs. Not only do children not always understand how to act, but they are especially vulnerable due to their size.
  • Even with a dog that you think is friendly, keep your face away from it.
  • If you’re jogging and there is a dog ahead of you, avoid running up behind it suddenly.
  • When a dog seems aggressive, do not turn you back on it but also try not to make eye contact. Turning away leaves you vulnerable, but making eye contact makes you appear aggressive. Either one is dangerous.

You may be able to avoid a bite by using these tips. If you’re not, though, then it’s time to look into the options you have to seek compensation.