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Are Pennsylvania patients at risk for bed sores?

On Behalf of | May 24, 2020 | Firm News |

If you have an aging parent who recently moved into a Pennsylvania nursing home or a loved one receiving palliative care for terminal illness, it’s understandable that you might worry about his or her well-being. Especially if you can’t visit as often as you’d prefer, it can be emotionally upsetting to have to rely on others to provide high-quality care for your family member.

It’s important for care providers to regularly check on your loved one. Their attention and diligence can help prevent injuries such as bed sores, which can lead to serious infection or even become a life-threatening situation. Sadly, your loved one may be at risk for a pressure ulcer injury if care providers are not doing their job right.

Frequent change of position is critical

If you have a bed-ridden loved one, preventing pressure ulcers is a top priority. His or her care providers know that a key to avoiding bed sores is to frequently change positions every few hours. If your mother or father cannot do this alone, he or she must trust that the care provision team will be there to assist.

Pillows are useful tools to avoid bed sores

Pressure ulcers often occur because of repeated friction and weight-bearing positions in bed. Lifting your loved one’s feet by placing a pillow underneath can help avoid bed sores on the heels or ankle areas. Pillows come in handy to avoid such injuries by placing them behind knees or under elbows as well.

What your loved one is eating also matters

Studies show a direct correlation between diet and nutrition and occurrence of bed sores. Your loved one needs a nutrient-rich and lean protein diet to help keep his or her skin healthy. If he or she can’t eat solid food, then care providers know there is a greater risk for developing pressure ulcers.

This is because foods like broccoli, whole grains and fresh fruit help keep skin strong and healthy. If your loved one is not getting the nutrition he or she needs, a skin breakdown may occur that makes him or her much more vulnerable to suffering pressure ulcers.

If you suspect medical negligence

Many Pennsylvania nursing homes provide high-quality care in alignment with state laws and accepted industry safety standards. However, your loved one may be at risk for illness or injury if substandard care is a problem in his or her residence. When you visit or speak with your loved one by phone, it’s wise to investigate any issue that arises that causes you concern.