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Slips and trips and more can happen in the blink of an eye

| Jan 24, 2020 | Firm News |

Consumers in and around Pottstown, Pennsylvania, face unanticipated risks whenever they visit public places or go to the grocery store. The slightest oversight by a property owner, tenant or their staff could lead to life-changing injuries. While slips, trips and falls are more common, you might be unable to escape from a building fire due to a blocked fire exit, or you could be the victim of an assault or robbery in a parking garage.

You and most other people trust property owners to provide safe spaces. When their negligence leads to personal injuries, you will have grounds to hold the person who owns or manages the property financially responsible. Public safety should be a priority, and property owners, tenants or managers must ensure the safety of the public in and around any buildings they own or manage.

Potential dangers for which to look out

Although potential hazards might not be your primary concern when you go shopping, knowing about likely risks could be enough for you to exercise the necessary caution.

Fire hazards

When you enter a store, you rely on the owner or manager to provide safe egress in the event of a fire or any other critical emergency. Along with clearly marked escape routes, the following safety precautions must be in place:

  • Emergency exits must be accessible and unlocked, and evacuation paths unimpeded and conspicuous.
  • Illuminated exit signs and adequate emergency lighting is crucial.
  • A prominently posted plan for emergency evacuation must be available

Slips, trips and falls

An effective prevention plan could prevent falls caused by slips or trips, which could cause long-term problems for the victim. If you should suffer a blow to the head when you slip and fall, you could end up with a traumatic brain injury with life-changing consequences. The following are the most common fall hazards:

  • Uneven surfaces and changes in elevation can cause trips.
  • Polished stone and gloss-finished tiles pose slip hazards.
  • Wet surfaces or spots from spillages, inclement weather and ineffective drainage could lead to slips.
  • Surfaces with cracks or potholes pose trip hazards

If the property owner cannot repair existing slip and trip hazards immediately, he or she must post warning signs.

Assaults and robberies or theft

Property owners should consider the geographical location and past events when devising plans to prevent assaults and robbery. The following steps could bring about premises security:

  • It is crucial to ensure sufficient lighting throughout, including parking facilities.
  • Prevent unauthorized access for potential offenders.
  • Keep trees and shrubs trimmed to limit hiding opportunities for perpetrators.
  • Security guards, closed-circuit video and camera monitoring can provide additional protection.

If you are a victim of any of these hazards, you will likely have to deal with unanticipated medical expenses, lost income and the after-effects of trauma. If you have questions about the viability of a claim in pursuit of damage recovery, an experienced personal injury attorney can provide answers. Legal counsel can explain your legal rights and provide the necessary support and guidance throughout ensuing legal proceedings of a premises liability lawsuit.