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Getting an airport premises liability policy

On Behalf of | Oct 15, 2019 | Premises Liability |

Airport owners, operators and lessors in Pennsylvania will want to make sure they are covered for premises liability. A lawful entrant who is injured at the airport may file a claim if they have no coverage. As for co-owners of airports, they are responsible for the portion they occupy; how much they occupy can be determined by either a written or verbal agreement.

Premises liability can involve bodily injuries and property damage. Bodily injuries cover more than slip-and-fall accidents though these are perhaps the most common type of accidents. For example, one may slip on a wet floor, trip over torn carpeting or an extension cord, or fall down a flight of stairs after grabbing a loose railing.

Owners should know that they may not need to purchase a separate policy for premises liability. A separate general liability policy premium costs anywhere from $750 to $2,000, but if owners can have premises liability coverage added to their existing policy, they can save money. They also need to know about the different types of liability coverage: general liability, public liability, and owner, landlord and tenant liability.

Before signing any contracts, owners should watch for any clauses that could be considered unfair to one or the other party. A hold harmless clause is just one example.

If there are grounds for a premises liability claim, victims may want to see a lawyer before anything else because they will need to prove the owner’s failure to keep them reasonably safe. Not only that, but victims must prove that they used the property in a reasonably safe manner. For example, if they were running prior to a slip-and-fall accident, their chances of recovering damages will be less. A lawyer may handle all negotiations for a settlement.