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December 2018 Archives

Study suggests that even minor stress can lead to surgical errors

Surgeons in Pennsylvania and around the country are more likely to make mistakes when they are under stress, according to a recent study from Columbia University. Researchers behind the study say that even minor irritations like an unexpected noise or a negative thought can endanger patients. These study results may be particularly worrisome to medical experts as operating rooms are extremely busy places and filled with machines that make all manner of electronic noises.

Most common factors in drunk driving fatalities

Many drunk driving crashes in Pennsylvania end in fatalities. Across the U.S., drunk driving fatalities make up approximately a third of all traffic-related fatalities. There are several common causes of these fatalities, such as the incurring of head trauma and excessive blood loss. Hitting the steering wheel or another hard surface, as well as being struck by flying debris, generally results in trauma.

Medical errors tied to use of electronic health records

A study published by Health Affairs indicated that electronic health records may be responsible for a large number of medication errors. The findings of the study might be valuable for Arizona residents who have suffered harm due to medical malpractice. Researchers looked at the safety reports for 9000 people who were admitted to one of three health care providers between 2012 and 2017. More than 50 percent of the errors reported were tied to medication and the usability of EHR systems.

External airbags can help keep drivers safe

Statistics show that cars with external airbags could experience a reduction in accident injury severity by up to 40 percent. However, there are some issues that will need to be addressed before Pennsylvania drivers have this technology on their vehicles. For instance, it will be necessary to ensure that the airbags only deploy when intended. The airbags would use a combination of lidar, radar and similar technology to determine if a collision is imminent.

Safe winter driving in Pennsylvania

Drivers will want to prepare for the challenges of winter driving, and one of the first steps is to ensure a properly winterized vehicle. They could check antifreeze levels, replace the windshield wipers and consider getting snow tires. A mechanic could inspect components like the battery, spark plugs, brakes and ignition. Drivers should also carry jumper cables, tire chains, ice scrapers, flares and other essentials in case of an emergency.

Business owners may be responsible for on-premise injuries

People who are injured on the properties of others in Pennsylvania might be able to file civil claims for recovery under a theory of premises liability. Slip-and-fall accidents, in which a person slips or trips and is injured, are among the most common premise liability personal injury claims. Business might be liable if people get injured on their premises due to poor lighting conditions, torn carpets, unsafe staircases, wet floors or other hazards.

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