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Beware the dangers of driving on Thanksgiving

On Behalf of | Nov 18, 2018 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Americans love the holiday season. No one spends more time, money and effort on making sure that the times together with family and friends are special for everyone. Part of our efforts to make each holiday memorable involves travel – trips to see those we care about most.

According to news sources, Americans travel more over the Thanksgiving holiday than at any time of year. That means that when you drive from Pottstown, the odds of being in a motor vehicle crash are higher over the next few days than they are normally.

According to one article we read recently, the vast majority of traffic accidents (a whopping 94 percent) are caused by human error. Perhaps none of those human failings are more evident than in the three Ds of dangerous driving: drinking, distraction and drowsiness.

  • Drunk driving crashes: The Centers for Disease Control says we average slightly more than one death in an alcohol-related wreck every minute of every day in the U.S. Unfortunately, more and more people are also being cited for driving while they are impaired by drugs.
  • Distracted driving wrecks: About one out of every four car crashes involves electronic distractions such as cellphone or GPS use.
  • Drowsy drivers: The CDC says that the data shows that five years ago, there were 72,000 motor vehicle accidents resulting in 44,000 injuries and 800 deaths.

So if you are traveling over the Thanksgiving holiday, please stay focused on the traffic and road, stay sober and get plenty of rest before starting your trip.

Those injured in crashes caused by negligent drivers should speak with an attorney experienced in personal injury litigation.