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A fire can spread in under 2 minutes

A house fire can go from a spark to a blaze that will burn out of control in under two minutes. Keep that in mind if you think you'll have time to battle the blaze or make an orderly exit. It happens fast. You must be ready in advance.

If you live in a rental property, be sure you know what fire hazards to watch out for. Most house fires begin in the kitchen, but they can start anywhere due to faulty wiring, items that are too close to heaters, overuse of outlets, poorly installed light fixtures or clogged exhaust vents from the washer and dryer -- just to name some of the potential causes. When you see these issues, speak up and make sure that your landlord knows that repairs are needed.

Man pulls police officer from burning car after accident

A car accident in Uniontown, Pennsylvania, left a police car burning with the officer still inside. Fortunately, bystanders saw the crash and rushed over to the car. One of them pulled the man out of the burning vehicle, quite likely saving his life.

The officer was still badly injured in the wreck. After he was taken from the car, he had to be airlifted to Morgantown, West Virginia, for treatment at an area hospital. However, reports do note that the injuries were not considered life-threatening.

How safe are those stairs?

Most of us use the stairs every single day. They become an afterthought. We don't consider them to be dangerous at all. However, with falls contributing to so many serious injuries every year, it's clear that stairs do pose a risk. They're the main fall risk that many people face.

How do you know if they are unsafe? Whether you're in a hotel, a store or an apartment building -- or any space owned by someone else -- you need to know what signs to watch out for. Never just assume that the owner created a safe space. Some potential hazards include:

  • Rugs that are left sitting, without being stapled down, at the top of the stairs.
  • Stair treads that have worn down significantly or unevenly.
  • Stairs that are not the same height for every tread.
  • Stairs that have a loose handrail or that do not have a rail at all.
  • Stairs that curve or bend.
  • Stairs that have confusing tile or carpet patterns.
  • Stairways that have doors opening out onto them, rather than into the rooms on the other side.
  • Stair treads that have come loose over the years.
  • Stairs that are made of a slick material, that have been polished extensively or that have some other surface coating that impacts your footing.
  • Stairs that are too dark or do not have any lights at all.
  • Stairs that are outside and exposed to the elements, leading to hazards like water, snow and ice.

Dangerous driving behaviors can have cataclysmic repercussions

As you head out on Pennsylvania roads to tackle your list of objectives each day, you may give little thought to how the decisions other drivers you might affect you. You can only control so much of what happens on the open road, where at least a portion of your safety lies in the hands of those around you.

Even a minor error on the part of a nearby driver could create a hazardous situation that might leave you with little chance of avoiding a collision. While this could happen under various circumstances, some of the most common causes of accidents often involve the presence of dangerous driving behaviors.

Car accident fatality rates are highest in rural areas

Many of those who live in rural areas assume they are safer when they drive on those seemingly wide-open roads than when they drive in a chaotic, packed city. However, studies of the statistics show that the exact opposite is true. It's far safer to drive in urban areas or major population centers than it is in the country. The fatal accident rates make this all too clear.

If you look at a map of the United States overlayed with accident fatality rates, you find that the regions with the highest rates are in the Great Plains and the Deep South. Places like Mississippi, Alabama and Montana have very high rates, whereas places like New York and California have very low rates.

Dealing with post-crash anxiety

If you're nervous about the thought of getting behind the wheel again after a car accident, you're not alone. It's not uncommon for people involved in serious crashes -- and even relatively minor ones -- to experience anxiety at the thought of driving again or even getting in a car as a passenger.

It's important to be patient with yourself. Don't compare yourself to others you know who've been in even more serious crashes and gotten right back behind the wheel. Everyone experiences crashes differently, and everyone needs to go through their own emotional as well as physical healing process. Let's look at some things that can help you.

What motivates parents to sue pediatricians for malpractice?

When your child becomes sick, the last thing that you likely want to have to do is to take them to see the doctor. Sometimes that's unavoidable, though. Physicians make mistakes. Your child could be harmed and lose their life as a result.

The most common pediatric medical malpractice cases are ones dealing with brain injuries. Infants are particularly vulnerable to suffering one of these because their bodies are overly fragile. Children with special needs are also at a higher risk of injury due to the unique way of expressing themselves.

Two killed and infant critical after T-bone accident

Two people are dead after a tragic crash in Pennsylvania and an infant is in critical condition. All were in the same car, a small Honda Civic.

The three were apparently related. The eldest was a 68-year-old woman and the younger woman, who was 26 years old, was her daughter. The injuries they suffered in the crash were so severe that they were declared dead at the scene.

Are Pennsylvania patients at risk for bed sores?

If you have an aging parent who recently moved into a Pennsylvania nursing home or a loved one receiving palliative care for terminal illness, it's understandable that you might worry about his or her well-being. Especially if you can't visit as often as you'd prefer, it can be emotionally upsetting to have to rely on others to provide high-quality care for your family member.

It's important for care providers to regularly check on your loved one. Their attention and diligence can help prevent injuries such as bed sores, which can lead to serious infection or even become a life-threatening situation. Sadly, your loved one may be at risk for a pressure ulcer injury if care providers are not doing their job right.

If you can pick a day to avoid driving, make it Saturday

You know you have to drive, as most of us do, but you also want to reduce your risk of getting into a car accident. You resolve to take one day off from driving entirely. What day should you pick?

Realistically, you need to pick Saturday. This is when the deadliest car accidents take place. Studies consistently find that fatal crash stats spike over the weekend, and Saturday is definitely the high point.

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