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Two killed and infant critical after T-bone accident

Two people are dead after a tragic crash in Pennsylvania and an infant is in critical condition. All were in the same car, a small Honda Civic.

The three were apparently related. The eldest was a 68-year-old woman and the younger woman, who was 26 years old, was her daughter. The injuries they suffered in the crash were so severe that they were declared dead at the scene.

Are Pennsylvania patients at risk for bed sores?

If you have an aging parent who recently moved into a Pennsylvania nursing home or a loved one receiving palliative care for terminal illness, it's understandable that you might worry about his or her well-being. Especially if you can't visit as often as you'd prefer, it can be emotionally upsetting to have to rely on others to provide high-quality care for your family member.

It's important for care providers to regularly check on your loved one. Their attention and diligence can help prevent injuries such as bed sores, which can lead to serious infection or even become a life-threatening situation. Sadly, your loved one may be at risk for a pressure ulcer injury if care providers are not doing their job right.

If you can pick a day to avoid driving, make it Saturday

You know you have to drive, as most of us do, but you also want to reduce your risk of getting into a car accident. You resolve to take one day off from driving entirely. What day should you pick?

Realistically, you need to pick Saturday. This is when the deadliest car accidents take place. Studies consistently find that fatal crash stats spike over the weekend, and Saturday is definitely the high point.

Tips for avoiding dog bites

Dog bites are a serious concern. They can be painful, they can lead to disfigurements, they can get infected and, in the worst cases, they can even prove fatal. As much as dogs are a part of our lives and 99% of them will never bite a human, they are wild animals at heart. If you get attacked, things can become very serious, very fast.

How do you avoid a bite? Here are some helpful tips:

  • If two dogs are fighting with each other, do not get in the middle of it and try to break it up.
  • Do not run away if a dog charges at you, but face the dog and speak calmly.
  • Never get too close to a dog with which you are not already familiar.
  • Never startle a dog while it is eating or sleeping.
  • Be especially wary when children are near dogs. Not only do children not always understand how to act, but they are especially vulnerable due to their size.
  • Even with a dog that you think is friendly, keep your face away from it.
  • If you're jogging and there is a dog ahead of you, avoid running up behind it suddenly.
  • When a dog seems aggressive, do not turn you back on it but also try not to make eye contact. Turning away leaves you vulnerable, but making eye contact makes you appear aggressive. Either one is dangerous.

2-car accident injures 3 and leads to careless driving charges

A recent car accident injured three people in one vehicle and resulted in careless driving charges for a man from Pennsylvania.

The man who allegedly caused the crash was driving a ten-year-old Corvette, while the other occupants were in a 2002 Ford F-150. The sports car apparently crossed a double yellow line and then slammed into the pickup truck. That truck had recently driven through an intersection and did not appear to do anything to cause the crash.

Are your brakes on the verge of failing?

We often take our cars for granted right until the moment that they break down. This is dangerous to do with something as critical as the brakes, though, since a failure could cause an accident. You really need to identify the issue in advance and get it corrected as soon as possible. Do you know what red flags to look out for?

The first thing to consider is any noise that sounds odd or out of place. For instance, there is often a louder scraping sound if your brake pads are wearing out. Look for consistencies with any sound, such as the sound becoming loudest while actively braking.

Did neglect or abuse cause your parent's health problems?

Do you sometimes feel bad that you can't visit your parent in the nursing home where he or she resides as often as you'd like? If so, you're definitely not alone in your struggle, as many adult children in Pennsylvania can relate to your circumstances. It can be challenging to make sure the nursing home is meeting your loved one's needs while balancing many other duties and obligations in your life as well.

You and your parent have a right to expect nursing home staff members to provide high quality service on a daily basis according to state laws and accepted standards of care and safety. It's understandable that you might feel distressed if you notice signs of neglect when you visit or speak to your parent by phone. Sadly, malnutrition is a problem in many nursing homes throughout the United States.

There are downsides to electronic medical records

Electronic medical records (EMRs) have a lot of positives. They make it easier to spread patient information faster between staff members. They allow doctors to access records anywhere, on computers, phones, tablets and other devices. When set up to keep records on the cloud, there is almost no risk of losing them. They take up less space and resources than paper records.

However, there are some serious downsides, as well. For instance, if the system goes down and doctors cannot access the records they need, will they make mistakes? Could that lead to sub-standard care?

How can teens become better defensive drivers?

It is very important to focus on safety with teen drivers. They are young and inexperienced, which makes them a high-risk age group. There's no way to cure that inexperience but by allowing them to get on the road more often, but they can use defensive driving tactics to stay safe while they learn.

At its heart, defensive driving is all about focus and anticipating problems that may lie ahead. Doing so means that the driver can react quickly.

6 consequences of breaking the speed limit

People often think that the only real consequence to breaking the speed limit is that, if caught by a police officer, they'll have to pay a fine. That's not true. There are actually numerous consequences. Speed limits exist for a reason, and it's very important to think about what you're really risking when you break them.

To get a better idea of what this looks like, here are six potential consequences from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration:

  1. You use more fuel, costing you more money.
  2. You increase the chances that you will lose control of your car.
  3. Once you spot a danger, you need a greater stopping distance to avoid a crash.
  4. Once involved in a crash, the occupant protection systems -- like a seatbelt -- are not as effective.
  5. The severity of the crash increases. Due to the increased energy in the accident, it is more likely that people will suffer greater injuries or be killed.
  6. The economic impact of a crash is tremendous. You may have high medical bills, lost wages, a totaled car, and many other costs.
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