Car, Motorcycle and Trucks

Automobile Accidents

The National Safety Council reports that there are over 12 million motor vehicle accidents on average each year in the United States, involving approximately 20 million vehicles.

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Workers Compensation

Accidents in the workplace can lead to any number of painful conditions, from repetitive stress injuries to permanent disability and even death.

Product Liability

A Product Liability case involves suing manufacturers who are responsible for designing and manufacturing products that are unsafe under these standards.

Drugs, Prescriptions, Surgeries

Medical Malpractice

In the context of medical care, patients rightfully expect that doctors, nurses and other health care providers will follow accepted standards of care. What a shock it is, then, to suffer harm at the hands of a surgeon or because of the negligence of a nurse.

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Insufficient Care

Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect

Over time, most families are faced with difficult decisions regarding the care of loved ones who can no longer properly care for themselves due to age or infirmity.

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Premises Cases

When you are invited to enter upon someone else's property by either implied or express consent, the owner of that property has the legal obligation to maintain reasonably safe conditions and to warn you of any potential hazards.